8 Soggy Doggies Soaking Up The Spring Rain

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
April showers bring May flowers… which means a downpour of photo ops. Just look at these soggy doggies making a big splash in puddles of all sizes!

1. Oh Em Gee

This is the best thing EVER! I hope it never ends!

(Photo credit: Kerstin Mielke/ Flickr)

2. Extreme Wet Dog Close-Up

Better wear your rain gear, mom, because I’m headed your way!

(Photo credit: Imgur)

3. Mud Bath

It’s like a bath…. But outdoors and with mud!

(Photo credit: lufimorgan/Bigstock)

4. Shake it Off

Makin’ in rain in da club!

(Photo credit: Imgur)

5. Reflections on Rain

Ahhhhh! There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a spring shower!

(Photo credit: nfaraldos/ Flickr)

6. Geronimo!

Ready or not, here I come puddle!

(Photo credit: SarahHarrison/ Instagam)

7. Wet ‘N’ Wild

For some dogs, the rain is the best toy of all!

(Photo credit: Bigandt_Photography/Bigstock)

8. Pittie Puddle

Just to warn you, mom – this rain jacket isn’t going to do me much good once I find a puddle to dive in.

(Photo credit: Theo4President/ Instagram)

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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