American Kennel Club Inducts Two New Members

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Welcome to the club! The Barbet and the Dogo Argentino can now boast membership in the most exclusive dog club in North American – the American Kennel Club.

When America’s holy grail of “all-things-dog” was founded back in 1884 – and yes, we’re talking about the America Kennel Club (AKC) – its goal was to maintain the integrity of pure-bred dogs through a registry that established rigid breed standards. Back then, it was only natural that the first inductees (nine to be exact) into this elite club would be of the hunting variety. Specifically, an assortment of Spaniels (Clumber, Irish Water, Sussex, and Cocker), Setters (English, Gordon, and Irish) a Chesapeake Bay Retriever as well as a Fox Terrier.

Fast forward and without ever having lessened their stringent criterion, AKC has managed to induct a whopping 205 different breeds into this exclusive registry. They have also established the AKC Foundation Stock Service to help introduce and maintain exacting-standard for over 60 additional breeds that didn’t quite make it onto the AKC list, but may one day.

With the 2020 addition of these next two honorees, it’s clear that what’s old is new again as both breeds harken back to the original hunting variety. And when the AKC gives you that sought-after nod that tells you “you’re in”, you’ve got some serious celebrating to do. So let’s congratulate these two new members on making the grade:


Joining the “sporting” group, the Barbet hales from 16th century France and was bred to locate, flush and retrieve birds for hunters. He is a medium-sized boy who is described by AKC as being “friendly, bright and sweet-natured”. A great family dog, he’s social, loyal and has an even temperament although he can be quite sensitive so rewards-based training is the only way to go with this breed. And if you’re looking for a dog that can compete with the best of the best when it comes to agility or dock-diving, this is the pooch for you. Of course, he’s going to require daily exercise and mental stimulation as well as regular grooming by a professional to help curtail those curls and keep that distinctive beard looking its best.

Dogo Argentino

The latest member of AKC’s “working” group is this handsome, pure-white boy who, as his name implies is native to Argentina. AKC pegs him as being “friendly, cheerful and humble” as well as highly intelligent. In spite of his rather powerful and intimidating appearance, he’s considered a great addition to any family but he does need an experienced owner who can establish pack leadership and ensure he respects and listens to commands. Clearly, this muscular pooch is strong, athletic and because he was originally bred for pack-hunting big-game animals, he has loads of energy he needs to expend on a daily basis. So frequent brisk walks, swimming or hiking as well as active playtime activities are a must for this powerful dog. And consider disciplined energy outlets such as agility training.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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