BarkPark Is Bringing ‘Country Club’ Fun To Nashville

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The makers of BarkBox are bringing dogs in the Nashville, TN area a new experience: A membership part that will have pool parties, themed movies and of course–WiFi.

I want to join! Alas, right now the coolest new club to hit the block, BarkPark, is going to be in Nashville, Tennessee and I’m not.

Still, dog lovers in the area will be able to enjoy this membership-based dog park, and there will even be local coffee for the humans in the mix.

Yes, BARK, the makers of popular subscription box BarkBox are now launching what is essentially a country club for dogs. It’s set to open on September 8 and will close at the end of November, with the hope to be a permanent place in the future.

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Allison Stadd is BARK’s director of retail marketing. She says that this space for dogs and humans will have green space and supplies for waste clean up, as well as dog toys and treats for purchase. Humans can enjoy snacks and coffee, as well as onsite restrooms and free WiFi.

Additionally, there will be weekly themed shows, comedy nights and movies, and no country club experience is complete without pool parties, so there’ll be some of those too!

The park will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, and will be overseen by two trained staff members looking out for all ‘patrons.’ BARK hopes that this combined retail/community gathering place that is dog-centric will be a place where people can come together working and playing, all while their dogs are having some social time too. Patrons can buy supplies like toys, and wipes as well as food items, but they can also bring their own beer and wine if they like.

Dave Coverly/BarkBox

BarkPark memberships will be based on time periods–day passes will cost $19 while a four-week pass will be $48. Dog lovers who can’t get enough of the park can get a ‘season’ pass that will cost $78 and houses that have more than one dog will be able to get an additional season pass at 50% off.

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Stadd says that this combination of retail and park is their way of combining a very unique retail experience with BARK’s passion for pets, and it’s their own spin on what is becoming more and more popular–experiential retail. This is where brands also give entertainment opportunities in-store, and is seeing big success in retailers like RH (former Restoration Hardware).

Nashville was the first spot chosen for BarkPark because Stadd says the city is so dog-friendly, they believe that modern dog parents want something that allows them a community vibe, retail opportunities and fun get-togethers the whole family goes to. Stadd believes that modern dog parents don’t think of them as pets but as family, and the BarkPark plans to be the premier family hangout for all–including the four-legged furry ones!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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