Bestselling Author Offers Giveaway In Support Of The Beagle Freedom Pr

Christine Zizo
by Christine Zizo
For a limited time, author and cancer-survivor Teresa Rhyne gives you something extra special when you order her new book

In 2012 author Teresa Rhyne gave the world the story of Seamus the Famous, her sassy, food-crazed (is that redundant?) Beagle, and the story of how they lifted each other up to survive cancer and find happiness. “The Dog Lived (And So Will I)” was a bestseller on the New York Times list, Amazon and the Wall Street Journal.

This October Rhyne is back with a continuation of the story. “The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I),” chronicles Seamus’ brave final fight with cancer and the arrival of Daphne and Percival, two beagles from horrible backgrounds who teach Rhyne about compassion for all creatures.

Daphne was likely from a backyard breeder. Rhyne rescued her from a shelter, but she had only planned to foster the beagle. Daphne had other plans.

Percival, meanwhile, was a research beagle, rescued from a lab by Beagle Freedom Project.

The book is now available for pre-order. The publisher has a deal that will help the Beagle Freedom Project.

Beagle Freedom Project rescues and cares for animals that spent a lifetime inside labs and would most likely be euthanized if BFP didn’t save them. BFP is currently campaigning to get legislation passed in several U.S. states that would force taxpayer funded labs to turn research dogs and cats over to rescues that can care for them. About 96 percent of dogs used for research are beagles.

So if you pre-order the book, send you receipt to the publisher at You will win a t-shirt (while supplies last) and also get an autographed and “paw-tographed” bookplate mailed to you, along with an Honest Kitchen Ice Pup treat.

Plus, part of the proceeds from all print copies of the “The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I)” sold between now and October 31, 2014 will be donated to Beagle Freedom Project.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Beagle Freedom Project, you need to watch the video below. It stars nine Beagles the group rescued who are experiencing grass and the outdoors for the very first time. Warning: You will need tissues – it’s just that heartwarming!

Christine Zizo
Christine Zizo

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