Do Cat People or Dog People Have More Fun?

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We really “like” this kind of research. Our friends at Facebook’s Research Department get to the bottom of an age-old battle!

We have a winner – according to Facebook, dog people have more fun than cat people.

Well, that is, unless you’re a “Cat Person,” and then you may argue that while Dog People may seem more fun because they have more ‘friends’ on Facebook, Cat People actually do things and have relationships with their friends!

That’s according to the latest research from our friends at Facebook – they release some of fabulous facts gathered from users likes, dislikes and interactions.

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Their statistical analyzations showed that while Dog People tended to have an average of 26 more friends than Cat People, those Cat People were found to be invited to and ‘attending’ far more events. Dog People may seem more extroverted and ‘friendly,’ like their canine counterparts, but don’t be fooled! Cat People are just as or even more than involved with good friends and good times to be had!

More, while they did find that Dog People tended to hang with Dog People and Cat People with Cat People, Cat People were more animal-friendly in general, friending people who were non-preferential animal lovers approximately 1.8 times more than Dog People do.

And when it comes to stereotypes of Cat People (think cranky old woman with 113 cats roaming through her apartment), turns out that while Dog People may be (based on their relationship statuses) less likely to be single, age and gender have no impact on that. They found out that males and younger cat lovers were just as likely to be single as that crazy cat lady in the apartment upstairs.

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Then again, though, when it came to moods and feelings, it appears that Cat People really do seem to say they are tired and emotional more often (Garfield, anyone?), though they also claim they feel happy and loved more often than Dog People do, shattering the Grumpy Cat profile for cats and their human family members. Dog People tended to feel like and act like the proverbial goofy Golden Retriever more often – proud and excited just to be alive! (Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? You are! You are!)

Analyzing comparisons of preference for television shows and movies showed that Dog People tend to prefer love stories or animal shows, while Cat People prefer science fiction and anime and most everybody agreed equally on things like The Big Bang Theory and Despicable Me. (Really, though, who doesn’t love Sheldon or the Minions????)

Geographically speaking, we think it makes sense that Facebook discovered more Cat People tended to dwell in cities and urban areas, whereas Dog People were more often found in suburban/rural areas. Dogs typically require more room to roam and exercise, while cats are perfectly content to lounge around indoors, even in small spaces, reserving no judgement for their owners!

So, do Dog People have more fun? Seems like that may be debatable after all… there’s lots of give and take when it comes to the characteristics of Dog People and Cat people. But one thing we know for sure – whether you’re a Dog Person or Cat Person, you’re someone we’d love to have as a friend!

[Source: Facebook]

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