Britain Passes New Dog Microchipping Law

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If you’re a British dog owner, you’ll have to get your pup microchipped by April 2016. It’s no longer a choice – it’s now the law!

Britain has decided to make microchipping mandatory for all pets by April 2016 in the hopes of returning lost dogs to its owners. This will cut back on the workload at animal shelters and will promote responsible pet ownership. This law will help save money. Numbers show that more than 100,000 dogs are abandoned or lost annually in England, which costs more than $89 million to taxpayers and welfare charities.

“This will help to reduce the number of dogs that needlessly end up with an uncertain fate in council pounds and rescue centers when their owners simply cannot be traced,” said Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust. “We urge dog owners to view microchipping as part and parcel of dog ownership and, importantly, also take responsibility for keeping their contact details up to date.”

We love this new law – it’s wonderful for dogs. And there’s more good news for owners. They will be able to receive free identification chips at 18 Dogs Trust centers and through local authorities and housing associations. If you get caught without a microchipped dog after April 2016, negligent owners may be fined up to $800.

What do you think about this new dog microchipping law? Do you think we should have one on our side of the pond? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.