Brits Required To Microchip Dogs or Face $1000 Fine

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
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It’s a smart thing to do, and in a couple of weeks, it’ll be the law. British dog owners must microchip their dogs or face some steep penalties.

A new UK law comes into effect April 4, and all dog owners need to have their pets’ microchipped or face a hefty fine. No chip – then you’d better have £500 (that’s $1000 US) to pay the ticket. If that weren’t enough, your dog could even be taken away from you.

The microchipping law affects about 1.5 million people and was put into place because of the burden placed on over-capacity shelters and law enforcement agencies that were tasked with keeping strays off the street. As well, it will help owners of lost or stolen pets reunite a lot easier, and will allow the police to track dogs that attack people or other animals.

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Right now, 102,000 stray or stolen dogs are found in Britain every year. This costs taxpayers £33 million (66 million US) to care or capture them. I think that it’s the owner’s responsibility to implement a system, in this case a microchip, to ensure that their pet has a way home. How can you put a price on finding your best friend? It’s not an expensive procedure… in fact, there are many places where you can get it done for free!

As of now, 83 percent of owners have complied – after all, they’ve had three years to prepare themselves for the new law. And microchipping makes sense. Collars and tags fall off… microchips are embedded under your dog’s skin by a vet so they’re not going anywhere. As long as you keep your personal information up to date, if your dog is found, he’ll be returned to you as soon as the chip is scanned.

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I think more countries need to put a similar law into place, especially with the rise in pet flipping. The $30 cost is nothing compared to the heartache of a lost or stolen dog, and it helps deter dog theft. This isn’t a case of the government forcing an unjust law – it’s about animal welfare and helping keep pets in responsible households where they’ll be well looked after.

To all the Brits out there – get your pup chipped! It’s what the Queen would want you to do!

[Source: Dailymail]

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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