Case of Canine Mistaken Identity Leads To a Huge Discovery

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Big things start as small packages. Such was the case for a woman who talked her husband into a small family dog, but her little fib into a big surprise.

Sue Markham is a dog lover, and she wanted to bring a puppy into her family. She visited her local shelter and fell in love with the most adorable little thing.

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Problem was, he wasn’t going to stay little for long, and she needed him to be little so she could talk her husband into keeping him. She gave him a little bit of a makeover on his breed, and brought home a ‘Jack Russell” puppy–sure to not be a big dog at all.

Yogi ‘Bear’, as he was named, was actually a case of mistaken identity, as it turns out he is a Boston Great Dane. And, lucky for Robert Markham, who didn’t want his wife to bring a big dog home, one of the biggest dog breeds there is!

Markham sort of figured something was up as Bear kept growing, and growing and growing, and when his wife finally told him she may or may not have adjusted some information on Yogi Bear’s paperwork, he couldn’t even be mad because he too loved the big galoot.

‘Bear’ is an overachiever, weighing in at 200 pounds where even the average Boston Great Dane weighs only about 135 pounds. He also stands at 6’11”, which is about the size of some of the tallest NBA players! He is one of the biggest dogs in the United Kingdom!

Robert Markham said he thought a big dog would be a lot of trouble, but agreed to a Jack Russell because he thought a smaller dog could be manageable. When Yogi was about five-months and bigger than most dogs of adult size, Markham realized he may not have gotten the full story about Yogi’s humble beginnings.

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The now nine-year-old boy is living the life of luxury with his family, and Sue says he thinks of himself as a real human, sitting and watching television as if it is very own. He’s very protective of his sofa, as well, and when you’re that big, it would stand to reason you protect the few places you fit!

That said, he’s not completely selfish with the couch, as he will also let a neighborhood elderly cat named Toffee come and cozy when he gets the urge!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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