Center for Pet Safety Adds Pet Travel Carrier to Its Certification Pro

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
The Center for Pet Safety adds tested protocols for pet travel carriers to its trusted certification program in an effort to standardize reliable safety features market-wide.

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS), the non-profit research and consumer advocacy organization dedicated to consumer and companion animal safety, announced the addition of Pet Travel Carriers to its certification program. When it comes to automotive safety and pets, the CPS is the last and most trusted word on the best and safest pet travel products on the market.

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The CPS is the first organization to apply scientific approach to pet product safety in the U.S. market. Its Pet Travel Carrier Crash Test Protocol and Rating system provides essential guidelines for pet product manufacturers. The test protocols were refined thanks to the results of the 2015 Carrier Crashworthiness Study, which was conducted by Center for Pet Safety and sponsored by Subaru of America. These protocols outline a consistent test methodology and evaluation program to ensure pet carriers offer crash protection.

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What does this mean? Now that the data is in, the CPS is able to test pet travel carriers based on reliable perimeters, which allows makers of these products to follow guidelines in order to produce the safest possible carriers. By following the protocols, the idea is for manufacturers to produce pet travel carriers that can stand up to a crash test.

“The Center for Pet Safety worked with passenger safety experts to analyze the data returned from our 2015 study to understand what pet carrier products designed for vehicle travel should do to protect life,” says Lindsey Wolko, founder of Center for Pet Safety. “Pet product manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that these safety devices protect human life and provide the best chance of survival to the pet in the case of a crash.”

As of now, the only pet travel products that CPS found to be crash-test worthy are:

We look forward to seeing more pet travel carriers passing CPS’s safety tests, because we all want our pets to make it to their destinations as safely as possible. Watch the Center for Pet Safety’s testing of pet travel carriers and you’ll realize just how important research like this really is.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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