Designs For Dogs Raise Money For Homeless Pets In Arizona

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Home designers, builders, architects and engineers in Phoenix, Arizona are working together as they raise money for the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

These are not your every-day dog houses, that’s for sure! To benefit the Arizona Animal Welfare League, Phoenix designers, builders, architects and engineers are part of the annual Design for Dogs Competition. Last year’s competition raised over $20,000 for the shelter, and they say 4,000 animals were saved as a result.

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The homes are created and designed and then put up for auction, and last year’s Best In Show, the Ruffterhouse, came from home builder Rafterhouse. It had a white picket fence, an adorable little red door with an American flag and astroturf in the front yard because…well…you know what dogs do outside! This year’s auction will be on February 23, and will be held at Tiel and Flooring studio Facing’s Scottsdale location.

Laura Kehoe is a Scottsdale designer who says that they love designing for animals and kids, particularly because it’s such a great cause! Kehoe’s design last year brought in $2,000–the highest price for one of the custom designed dog houses. Her Paw Palava pink dog house was a plush palace for any pooch, and an area resident thought his daughter and her dog had to have it!

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Tickets are $45 ticket or two for $80, and attendees can bid on their pick of the luxurious houses for their pampered pup. You know they’re worth it, and so are the thousands of dogs auction money raises for the animal welfare league!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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