Dog Escapes Shelter To Find Woman Who Gave Him Bacon Treats

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A small act of kindness, love… and bacon treats, left a big imprint on the heart of one shelter dog in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, and changed both of their lives forever!

When dogs arrive in shelters, they can often be overwhelmed. Northwest Territories SPCA Yellowknife volunteer Abbey Boyd says for cats and dogs, it’s terrifying. A very scared German Sheperd/Akita mix arrived at her shelter last week, and Abbey said that the dog, named Ted, was so scared, he wouldn’t go on a walk.

For anyone, anywhere.

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Abbey said for an entire day, no one could take him, but she tried to sway him with a small treat in order to take care of him better. She gave him some cheese-flavored bacon strips, and he allowed her to get a little closer in their ‘relationship.’ She noted that the kennel Ted was in was a bit small, so she asked the maintenance workers to build a slightly bigger one for him, and at the end of her shift, she went back to her house, which is a little over 3 miles from the shelter.

So, imagine her surprise when the next day, around 6:00 a.m., Abbey found a dog sitting on her deck, barking at her. She’d gotten up three hours earlier for her work at the local airport and upon her return, the animal startled her at first because she wasn’t sure what his intentions were.

She gathered the courage to go nearer to the dog, who ran past her and down her deck stairs, but still on her property, with a watchful eye. She decided to try to entice the dog into her home to get a better grasp of the situation, and noticed a small nick on his nose… eerily identical to a nick that Ted had on his nose!

She quickly called the SPCA and learned that Ted indeed had broken through the bonds of his outdoor kennel and their fence, and had apparently used amazing tracking skills to find her! Of all the houses on the path between the shelter and her house, of all the decks–all the smells he had to wade through to find hers. She claims it’s a sign.

German Shepherds are known for their amazing tracking senses and Akitas are known for generally bonding tightly with one person, and showing unparalleled devotion to that person. The kindness shown to Ted by Abbey at the shelter must have been so powerful to him, he tracked her down–after just a few small interactions and through several miles of smells and distractions.

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Abbey said it’s the most weird, amazing thing that has ever happened to her, and that him showing up just for her could simply not be coincidence: they were meant for each other! Abbey is in the process of adopting Ted and is planning to move into a new home in the next few months in order to accommodate her new family member, as where she currently lives doesn’t allow dogs.

Abbey said that obviously Ted knows they were destined for each other, and is willing to wait as she continues to bond with him and works to bring them together forever. In the meantime, whenever possible, Ted does not leave her side. Even when they walk with other dogs, he will stay close to her and constantly looks back to ensure she is near.

Abbey says that Ted’s attachment to her has put a new spin on her life, and we couldn’t love this true love story more!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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