Dog Helps Stage the Cutest Baby Reveal to Grandma [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
What’s the best way to ensure your baby-on-board announcement is the most unforgettable ever? Let the dog do it, of course!

I should give a disclaimer: I love babies and I love baby announcements. I suffered from infertility too, so I totally understand how utterly thrilling and exciting it is to finally be able to announce a baby is coming.

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But I have to say that some announcements touch me more than others, and the ones with pets participating are the best! Which is why I love the announcement Stephanie Crosby from Virginia made for her mom.

Crosby has been trying to get pregnant for over two years, and when the deed was finally done, she wanted her mother Vicki to be completely shocked and awed. Crosby bought a shirt for her little dog, Fish, to wear when she broke the news to this grandmother-to-be.

This woman uses her dog to announce her pregnancy

This woman uses her dog to announce her pregnancy 🐶

Posted by Daily Mail Video on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fish has itchy spots, so wearing a t-shirt wasn’t an unusual thing for her. Crosby’s mama loves dogs, and the expectant mother knew the news coming from Fish would be magical. She figured she’d read the shirt and explode with happiness, but it took a few minutes to sink in for the future grandma.

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Crosby said that Fish jumped on her mom’s lap on a recent visit and didn’t really see what the shirt said at first. When she finally read it, Vicki couldn’t contain her happiness and nearly fell out of the chair!

Crosby gave birth to Liam in April and Vicki watches him during the week, with Fish and his other fur-siblings alongside loving the newest member of the family. Crosby says that Fish is the greatest big sister in the world, just as she believed she would be, and their lives couldn’t be more full!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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