Dog Owners-Only Apartments Come To Denmark

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s good news for pet parents looking to live with other people who love their dogs just as much–only catch is you’ll need to live in Denmark to take advantage of the new doggy digs.

In Denmark, there’s a new cool place to live–well, if you’re gaga over dogs, that is. The Hundehuset is a new apartment complex that is exclusive to dog owners. That’s right–no dog, no service is the motto, and the residents love that there is no worry about the neighbor taking issue with Fifi or Fido.

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Hundehuset means, “The Dog House,” and entrepreneur Niels Martin Viuff says that the demand for such a building comes from dog parents who simply are tired of looking for places that they and their pups are accepted. Viuff is building the 18 unit building in the Frederkssund Municipality and says that they want to meet the living/ housing needs of dog owners.

Viuff says that in trying to be the premier place for pups and their owners, he consulted with the Danish Kennel Club to see what would make the best living scenario for dogs and their owners. The dog-friendly advisory board gave input on important dog-friendly ideas like durable flooring and installing a dog-bath area in the gardens of the building to make it more convenient for pet owners to do those every-day dog things at home.

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There are a few catches to the apartments, though. Viuff is capping the weight limits on dogs at 45 kilograms (which is right at 99 pounds) in order to ensure the apartments aren’t overcrowded. That’s still a pretty respectable weight cap as many dog parents find that 50 pounds is typically the max weight landlords feel comfortable with.

Viuff says that he’s also looking into the possibility of an apartment building that is designed solely for cats and their parents, and he believes that the success of both may start a new trend for pet parents all over the country.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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