DoggyBiome Kickstarter Cuts the Crap For a Healthier Life

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
There are a lot of things going on in your dog’s gut. If you want to see how your pup’s digestive system is working, you’ll want to back the DoggyBiome Kickstarter.

The good folks at AnimalBiome who first introduced KittyBiome a couple years ago are back at it and this time they figure if you’re stooping and scooping anyway…. why not help them out.

Its pooch poop time and their DoggyBiome project needs you to send them your doggie doo so they can analyse it. I’m totally serious, so if you really give a crap about your dog, continue reading.

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Apparently your pup’s output is chock-full of good info on his gut microbiomes and it can help advance their studies into dog breeds (such as does bacteria composition differ by breed), the impact of diet on bacterial diversity and even how your dog’s digestion differs from that of a wolf. AnimalBiome’s overarching goal is to develop a massive database that can help connect the dots between health, diet, lifestyle and microbiome quality in order to help develop better diagnostics and therapies for our pets.

In case you’re wondering, microbiomes are all the bacteria, fungi and other fun stuff we already secretly suspected was living in that messy stuff we bag on a daily basis.

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Now here’s where you and your little guy come in. In order to grow their database and establish benchmarks, they need healthy pooches to participate. Once they establish the components of a healthy microbiome they can use this info to help improve the health and well-being of other dogs that may be suffering with chronic digestive orders and other diseases.

Here’s where it gets really exciting! Because we all love rewards, there is a certificate (suitable for framing) coming your way if your dog’s poop meets the highest quality standard know to human-kind.

There is a kickstarter campaign running to help raise the funds needed to conduct this valuable research. For a mere $20 donation you can receive a DoggyBiome tank top for la pooch or a DoggyBiome Giant Microbe Squeaky Toy. For $75 your pup’s going to be rockin a DoggyBiome hoodie and for $79 you can send in your pup’s poop to have it included in the study (with the health analysis made available to you) plus the Giant Microbe Squeaky Toy. Note these poop perks can be shipped anywhere in the world. For more on this study and deals, head over to DoggyBiome’s Kickstarter page.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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