Dogs Say “No” to Bacon, Adopt Pig Instead

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Hey, bacon isn’t for everyone! Case in point: two pooches couldn’t be closer to their adopted brother, Dexter the Pig!

There are some rescue stories that are so amazing, we have to share them – this is Dexter’s story. Dexter the pig was rescued when he was six-months old, after nearly starving to death. He was taken to the Ashville Humane Society, where he was set with foster mom, Diana Dauer.

Dauer had recently fallen of a horse and suffered brain injury. Since she was recovering at home, Diana had some time to foster Dexter. When she first got the small pig, he was so underweight that he could barely stand, but under her supervision (and with lots of love), Dexter gained weight and began to walk again.

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Dauer created a Facebook page for Dexter to try and find someone to adopt him, but she soon realized that she could never give him up. And it may have been the day when she found Dexter snuggling up with Moose and Houston, her two dogs.

“They had the choice to lie anywhere but there they were spooning. I realized that Dexter had adopted us and I was the only one that hadn’t realized it,” she said.

Dauer said the first dog she trusted with Dexter had to be Houston, a pitbull mix. Despite the stereotypes, she describes Houston as being one of the sweetest and lovable dogs she’s ever met. He regularly brings toys to Dexter and shares his food with all the other household animals.

Moose also has a good sense of how to interact with Dexter the pig. The two play together, sleep together and they would probably share their meals together if Dauer let them. Even when there’s a door separating the two of them, Moose will sit on one side and talk, while Dexter will answer Moose with the oinks of his people – how sweet!

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Dauer has read up on pigs and says that they make over 20 distinguished sounds – Dexter has made about 10 of them. In his own way, Dexter says things like: “Let me in,” “I’m hungry,” “I’m thirsty,” and “Don’t touch me”, much like a dog would!

Also like his doggy bros, Dexter seems to enjoy solving puzzles. Dauer has challenging Dexter with toys where he has to think before he eats by pulling or pushing on something in order to get a treat.

It seems like this pig has found his happily ever after with his two furry best friends Houston and Moose – we wish you the very best, Dexter!

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Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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