Family Flew Home To Chicago But Their Dog Gets Left Behind In Germany

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It seems that poor pooches just can’t get a break when it comes to flying with their families. First, a dog lost its life on a United Airlines flight, then the company managed to mistakenly send a family pet to Japan, and now this. The latest story of pet travel gone awry is about Joey, a 9-year-old beagle and Australian shepherd mix, who was held back in Germany without his owner’s knowledge.

Following the death of John MacEnulty’s mother, the family was moving back to their St. Louis home after a year they’ve spent in Germany. They’ve booked their flight through United Airlines, but since their PetSafe reservations program was suspended due to the many issues, they were advised by the company to use Gradlyn Petshipping instead. Although the family managed to book passage for their pets, both the cat and dog had to be transported on a separate plane that left 30 minutes later.

When the family landed in Chicago, they were notified that Joey was held back in Germany as he seemed anxious and scratched his nose. Yes, according to the Lufthansa officials, the fact that the dog had a nose scratch was enough to deem that it’s unsafe for him to travel. Of course, the MacEnulty’s were livid, as both of their pets were checked and vetted by a veterinarian before their trip, so claiming that their pooch was suddenly not fit to fly seemed like a stretch.

Molly, the family’s cat made it out safely to the United States, but the family is worried sick for Joey, who’s still at Frankfurt. Even if the airline does good on their promise and reunites Joey with his pawrents on Wednesday, it’s still a week of unnecessary stress, both for the dog and his owners. Hopefully, the pooch will be home on time, and this incident will be remembered as the last pet transportation flub United Airlines made.