Get To Know The Pittie With “The Truth About Pit Bulls” Infographic

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Are Pitbulls dangerous - get the facts from this enlightening infographic.Pitbulls (also known as “Pibbles” and “Pitties” to lovers of the breed) get a bad rap. From media misinformation to breed bans, it’s hard for the average person to get the data they need to come to an informed decision about Pitbulls for themselves. That’s why we’re pleased to post this new infographic from K9 of Mine, a pet site that’s working hard to correct some of those misconceptions.

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The infographic, titled “The Truth About Pit Bulls,” offers data and statistics that shed light on the fact that Pibbles aren’t as vicious as we’re lead to believe.

According to this infographic and corresponding studies, Pitbulls, as a breed, have little to do with fatal dog bite attacks. What does affect the likelihood of dog attacks are factors like how the dog is treated in the home and whether or not the dog is neutered.

Take a look at The Truth About Pit Bulls and feel free to pass it along and spread the word!

[Source: K9 of Mine]