Global Pet Expo 2017: Eco-Friendly Pet-Trek Offers Stylish Transport F

The pet travel industry is booming and there’s no sign of it slowing down. This is evident at Global Pet Expo 2017 with products such as the new Pet-Trek carriers.

The American Pet Products Association says that nearly 40 percent of pet owners take their animals on the road with them–and that’s a percentage that has doubled in the last 10 years. Pet owners want carriers that keep their fur-loves safe and comfy while traveling, and we’re pretty sure we’ve found that here with the Pet-Trek!

The Pet-Trek, made by A Pet With Paws, comes in four styles and colors (black, brown, red and grey) and has a foldable trolley for easy transport. The wheels make it super easy to tote your furry friend wherever, and the eco-friendly and green materials that make it allow your pup to live large while being ‘green.’ We think the best part of the Pet-Trek is that the carrier slides off the Pet-Trek’s handles, so when you get where you’re going, you just raise the carrier off the handles and fold that baby up!

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A Pet With Paws founder Ann Greenberg said they wanted to make a product that was safe and easy to use, while also being comfy for your pet and stylish for you to carry–all while making a difference for the earth. They hit the mark with the Pet-Trek!

We are also digging the Poop Pickup Clutch Wristlets we found at A Pet With Paws’s booth! I mean, anything that makes picking up poop easier and more fashionable? Sign us up! In addition, they also showed off their new Doggie Backpacks and eco-conscious Pet Carriers.

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We love that A Pet With Paws loves pets and the environment and takes steps to ensure the safety and well-being of both. They’ve partnered with Trees for the Future, and will plant a tree for every bag, carrier or accessory that is purchased. Sweet!

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