Great News: Nevada’s New Bill 185 Bans Lease-to-Own Dogs

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
You may have heard about this dog scam, where you can “Lease-to-own” a pooch. States are cracking down on this horrible practice – Nevada has now banned the disturbing trend.

So you’ve fallen in love with the breed, plunked down your hard-earned bucks to bring him into your family, and later discover that you have not in fact purchased Rover… you leased him. With a due back date and crazy interest rates.

While it may sound unimaginable, it does happen and the state of Nevada just signed a consumer protection bill that prohibits a person from leasing goods where there is only a “residual financial value” at the end of the lease. And that includes your beloved family pet!

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While we all know love for a pet holds no dollar value, the bill states that “any living animal or goods intended for personal, family or household use, including, without limitation, pets, tires, batteries and hearing aids” cannot be leased. Yes, your adored fur-kid is now akin to a tire, but this bill does protect both you and your dog from these scam artists.

Although the wording is disturbing, the bill does close an important loophole that allowed opportunists like Bristlecone Holding’s Wag Lending (a company, we’re happy to learn, that’s filed for bankruptcy) from charging exorbitant rates and apply misleading contracts that would allow them to repossess your pooch at any time – even if you were up-to-date with your payments. Apparently some pet-parents paid out thousands of dollars over and above the original price to purchase their family pet and at no time realized the loving relationship was literally built on borrowed time.

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Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen, D-Las Vegas, introduced the amendment to the existing bill after hearing concerns from her constituents. She feels her involvement in pet rescue is likely what made residents reach out to her for help and she was happy to step in.

No matter what route you take when you bring home a dog, make sure to read the fine-print of any contract you’re asked to sign, and NEVER Lease-to-Own a dog!!!

And remember, shelters are filled with wonderful family pets that are house-trained, leash-trained, vaccinated, and cost a fraction of the price! Best of all, you get to keep them, interest free!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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