Heinz is All about Showing Wiener (Dogs) During Super Bowl Ad [Video]

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This right here. This is the ad that will make you wet your pants laughing. Who knew that condiments could be so funny? But when you add ketchup, mustard, and a herd of stampeding wiener dogs in hotdog costumes, you’ve got a bonafide viral video on your hands.

Even if tailgate parties aren’t your thing, we all love to watch the Super Bowl… for the commercials. And this year, Heinz’s 30 second Super Bowl ad, titled “Wiener Stampede,” takes the trophy. Basically, Heinz has won our customer loyal forever by donning dozens of dachshunds in hot dog costumes and letting them loose to bound across a meadow toward the welcoming arms of a family in condiment outfits – all while the break-up ballad “Without You” plays in the background.

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The idea behind the ad is to introduce us to the brand’s “Meet the Ketchups” campaign. Heniz has a full range of products that goes further than just ketchup.

Get a load of these wieners below!