Subaru’s New Puppy Bowl Ads Bring Back the Barkleys [Video]

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Forget the Super Bowl – the Puppy Bowl has the best commercials, paws down. We’ve got five new and seriously cute Subaru ads, starring the fabulously furry Barkleys.

First introduced to the world in 2013, the Barkleys are back and furrier than ever in Subaru’s brand-new commercials, set to air during the 2016 Puppy Bowl XII. Sticking to its “Dog Tested. Dog Approved” slogan, the Barkley take a doggie drive in a variety of Subaru vehicles and encounter cute and hilarious obstacles along the way.

What kind of hijinks can a family of canines get into as they drive around in their Subaru? Mundane, every day human activities are so much cuter – such as getting their hair done (and absolutely hating it), or trying to get the voice recognition system in their vehicle to point them in the right direction.

The Barkley family is made up of three Golden Retrievers including Augie (the dad), Saddie (the teen daughter in the back), and Sebastian (the pup in the adorable child seat); and a golden lab by the name of Stevie, who plays the mom.

One that’s on our favorite list is “Puppy,” which features Augie, the dad, trying to get his son Sebastian to fall asleep. The best way to send him off to dream land is to drive around with him the back seat – yep, this one sounds familiar us to us! After Sebastian successfully falls asleep, dad rolls up into the drive way and boom: he’s back to square one.

We’ve include all five videos for your viewing pleasure!

In “Phone Navigation,” the family encounters a language barrier with their smartphone nav.

Mom and Dad go out for date night, only to have their Subaru taken out for a joy-ride by a catty valet in “Doggie Bag.”

What happens when you’re stuck behind an English Bulldog in traffic? Find out in “Windshield Wiper.”

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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