Hilarious Cartoons Depict Our Relationship With Pets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Illustrator Sarah Andersen knows the hold the pets have over us. We bet some of these common pet types will look familiar!

Pet people have a great sense of humor. That’s why we dig this cartoon so much – from rats and cats to dogs and bunnies, illustrator Sarah Andersen‘s hilarious take on our pets will make you LOL. You may want to wait until you get home from work to read them – there are some swears in there!

It’s a teensy weensy, itty bitty baby, right? I mean, seriously…look how precious those little eyes and cheeks are. They’re oh, so soft…so fuzzy..and they have such.sharp.teeth!!! While those sweet cheeks look adorably enticing at the pet store, don’t be fooled! Endless (and we mean ENDLESS) running around on that damned wheel in the wee hours of the night, coupled with an always glamorous mothering instinct (mother hamsters are often known to kill and then EAT their babies)–and well, they’re the right pet for the right stomach. Or if your skin is thick. Because those little buggers HURT when they vengefully bite your finger when you’re just trying to snuggle. Seriously. When it comes to rodents, looks can be deceiving!

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Surely you know this one! “Oh, but our sweet Fluffy doesn’t shed.”

Yeah, sure she doesn’t. You can always tell when a Shedder is around because the proof is everywhere. Your clothes. Your car. Your desk. Your kitchen floor. Your food. Your toilet. (What the heck????) The best thing about the Shedder is that typically, they are lovers! So not only do you get the benefit of hair everywhere, the likes of which even the best lint roller on the planet cannot compete, you get it non-stop because Rover loves nothing more than to scratch and shake all…and then come and snuggle you.

Cue rinse and repeat!

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Ultimately, though…you know it’s worth it. Because no matter what type pet you have, he or she is yours, and you wouldn’t trade him or her for the world. Pets are family members, plain and simple, and whether they gross you out by eating their young or drive you nuts with the mess(es) they make everywhere they go, we love them unconditionally and couldn’t imagine our lives without them!

Okay…maybe we could imagine life without them eating their young!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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