How To Groom Your Dog at Home

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
What are you to do when Fluffy starts looking far more matted than amazing? What can you do when your regular grooming shop is not available and you have learn how to groom your dog? We’ve got the answers!

So it’s been a while since your dog had a spa day, huh?

We feel you.

And we know how important it is to keep your pup clean, healthy and happy. The thing is, that’s hard to do if you’re staying at home due to COVID-19, and you’re not able to get your pet groomed.

Like many other facets of life, we adjust, and we overcome. We’ve got some great tips for how groom your dog during a pandemic.

Regular Bathing Still Beneficial

So, with teleworking and all only requiring you look presentable from the waist up (and that’s if you even use the camera!) you may have let showering become…well, something you get to if you get to it. But, if you’re going to be grooming your dog at home, you’re going to want to make sure your pet still gets regular baths if they were getting them from the groomer. To make sure bath time is successful, follow these tips:

  • If your dog has a coat, give him a good brushing to get out mats and dead hair. Pugs, Shar Peis…dogs with loose skin may need extra attention, so be careful with their folds.
  • Make sure the tub/sink you’re using only has about 2-4 inches of water, and it should be lukewarm. If you have a spray hose, you’ll want to gently use that to spray. If you don’t have a spray hose, just use a cup or pitcher (best if plastic and unbreakable) to make sure your dog is good and wet.
  • Be sure not to spray or pour water near ears, eyes or nose. You’ll want to be careful there.
  • Once your pet is wet, gently massage shampoo onto their body. You’ll want to start at the head and work to the tail. You’ll probably want to really rinse as it may seem like the bubbles will last forever. Once rinsed, repeat with a second, smaller amount of shampoo. Be sure you’re telling him or her what a good boy or girl she is!
  • Once clean, dry really well. Use an absorbent towel to give a good rub-down and be sure to get around their ears. If you have dogs prone to ear infections, you’ll want to be extra careful there.

Great, My Dog Is Clean But Needs A Cut. Help!

Now that Fido is clean, you may be done. But, if your pet needs a good haircut and you’re clueless? You’re in good company. But don’t fret because we’ve found and fallen in love with Amy Leigh, the Go Groomer.

Leigh is from Pennslyvania, and runs a fun dog grooming channel on YouTube. She started in the grooming business in 2002, and has continued to grow as a professional groomer ever since. Even better, she now shares all her knowledge with US, and she does so in such a fun way! She’s as cheerful as they come, and she started her YouTube channel in 2018 to connect with people all over the world. She answers questions live every week, and gives you detailed and specific information for your dog as if she was right there with you!

If you can’t catch her weekly shows, she has lots of grooming videos for just about every type of grooming question you can answer, including how to groom your dog at home during a pandemic!

I’m Ready To Go! What Do I Need?

Once you’ve decided you’re going to spend some bonding time with your pup and give them some spa-day love, you’ll want to make sure you have some basic tools. It’s our suggestion to order what you may need before you think you’ll need it, as shipping deadlines are definitely delayed due to COVID-19.

For basic grooming during a pandemic, make sure you have the following:

    • A good brush. Regular brushing can help limit the grooming necessary too! We love these gloves to make it petting experience for your pet!
    • Quality shampoo. The cleaner and less chemical, the better. Who knows when you can get back to the groomer or vet, so make sure you use the best materials you can.
    • Nail clippers. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is so important for comfort, health and safety. If they should break or snag on their own, that could be really painful for your pup.
    • An absorbent towel. Investing in a good and absorbent towel will help keep bathtime from turning into a sloppy wet mess!
    • Deshedder. If you have a dog that sheds, you’re probably going to want to do this before and after bathtime. It can make a big difference in your tub/drain too.
    • Clippers. You want to buy something that is recommended for your dog’s breed, and Amy’s videos give you that information. You also want to make sure it’s cordless and has some different blade sizes, as well as scissors and comb for the areas you won’t be buzzing.
    • Wipes. We LOVE wipes for helping keep our pups fresh in between baths, and for some dogs, wipes are great ways to just hit the hot spots on their faces as needed.
    • Ear cleaner. If you have a dog with floppy ears, this is a must. Dogs have really long ear canals and gunk can build up. Water can also get stagnant in their canals after bath and this can lead to infections. A liquid ear cleaner after each bath can make a big difference in infection rate!
    • Treats! Make sure you reward your pup as much as you can for their patience and make grooming time something they try to enjoy!

While grooming your pet at home during a pandemic wasn’t exactly on your long-rage goals for 2020 (or anytime, really), the truth of the matter is it can be a great time for you and your pup to bond. You can learn some new skills, and your pet can still strut its stuff all around your living room.

Now…if we could only figure out how to take care of our own roots without our hairdressers finding out!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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