Injured Man Runs To Find His Dog After Car Crash

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Despite being injured in a collision, Manny Guzman ignored the pain and went searching for his four-legged best friend, OG.

Ten years ago, Manny Guzman was approached by someone on the street asking if he wanted a dog. The pooch in question was just six weeks old, and he was on his way to the pound. Guzman accepted, took the dog home, named him OG, and since then they’ve been inseparable.

Just last week, Guzman and his wife Rosa were involved in a collision in an intersection in Austin, Texas, with OG in the back seat. After the crash, Guzman sustained injuries to his leg, head and ribs, and when he regained his senses, realized that OG had been spooked by the accident and bolted from the car.

“I thought I was going to find him dead,” he said.

Despite being injured by the collision, Guzman went looking for his four-legged best friend. Not too far off, his heart sank as he realized that OG was lying on the road, having been struck by a car. Distraught and afraid for his friend’s life, Guzman grabbed his dog and told him that he was so sorry that this happened to him.

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When firefighters saw Manny carrying OG, they offered to help and brought the dog to the veterinarian for treatment. Thankfully, they got there in time. OG suffered some “good lacerations on its head” and “bleeding quite a bit” according to Austin Fire Department Lieutenant Jim Baker, but would recover.

Today, both dog and owner are resting at home. OG has fur missing in on a few spots on his body and plenty of stitches on his head, but those will heal. Guzman is eternally grateful to everyone who helped keep the two of them together.

“I’m glad he’s not dead or else I would have died,” Guzman said. “I mean I don’t have any friends or anything, he’s my friend. That’s why we’re so close. He’s my friend, he’s my buddy, he’s my brother, he’s everything to me.”

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Animals have a profound impact on our lives and when it’s their time to go over Rainbow Bridge, they always take a piece of our hearts with them. Thankfully, Guzman doesn’t have to go through that pain and we’re so happy to see both of them alive and recuperating well. We sit you a speedy recovery, Guzman and OG!

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