Insurance Grants Help Police Dogs Stay Safe

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Police dogs risk their lives on the job as much as their human colleagues. These brave canines conduct narcotic sniffs, assist in capturing fleeing suspects or with high-risk SWAT warrants. Unfortunately, incidents happen, and K-9s get injured or sick- which often leads to exorbitant medical bills. In smaller towns, where police departments don’t have funding for their K-9 unit, handlers cover the costs of the dog’s care from their own pockets.

The medical costs for a police dog are usually not insignificant. In a high-risk work environment such as the police force is, dogs can get into all sorts of accidents; from illegal drug exposure (circa $782 in vet bills) to fractures (averaging $1,365 to treat) and puncture wounds ($761) that a K-9 can get during suspect apprehension. Not to mention that, in addition to the work-related hazards, all dogs have the same risk of illnesses and disease as regular pets- something that used to worry their handlers, but is now covered by their new insurance plan.

To ensure that our furry heroes get the best possible medical care when needed, as well as to help police officers with the financial side of the issue, Petplan and the National Police Dog Foundation funded 50 insurance grants. The pooches from the small town law enforcement agencies will be covered for a full year, and it will give a peace of mind to their handlers.

Petplan donates $50 to the fund for each new pet insurance policy booked using the campaign code “NPDF10,” with further funds being raised by the National Police Dog Foundation and contributed by public donors. If you’re planning to insure your pet, consider using the promo code- it won’t cost you anything, and it will go a long way for hardworking police dogs!