Island Full of Stray Dogs Is Puppy Paradise [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We’ve found the perfect vacation place–full of sun and fun and PUPPIES! Yes, there really is an island full of stray puppies looking for love in all the right places–paradise!

So every now and then something will roll through my Facebook feed and it’ll be pretty obvious it can’t be real. And then there are those things that are so fabulous, you can’t believe they’d be real, but if they were, they’d be awesome!

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That’s what happened when we saw this video of the Turks & Caicos Islands…specifically of the several little Potcake Puppies (strays) of the island who need lots of love and attention.

Puppy Island

This Caribbean island is full of adoptable puppies:

Posted by Thrillist on Sunday, July 16, 2017

The volunteers of Potcake Place are all unpaid, and take care of the hundreds of homeless pups in their own homes, as there is no animal shelter. Potcake Place was founded to help the weakest and most fragile, and Potcake Place founder Jane Parker-Rauw says that locals and tourists help socialize the puppies to get them ready for their forever homes.

All puppies are vaccinated and ready to ‘mingle’ with the visitors, and Potcake Place provides all you need for some one-on-one puppy time–you just bring all the lovin’. (They don’t mind if you bring some donation money, either!)

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The best part? If you fall in love with one (or seven, no judging) of the pups? They’ll help you get that sweet thing on the plane and back with you. Yep, when ready, those sweet puppies are allowed to travel as hand luggage on the flights out of Providenciales.

Most days I like puppies way more than I like just about anything else, so this island would be my downfall.


[Source: Thrillist]

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