Istanbul Snowstorms Bring Out The Best As Citizens Care For Stray Anim

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Snowstorms bringing over two feet of snow recently hit Istanbul, and the city’s animal lovers took it upon themselves to ensure the stray animals were safe and warm in the extreme weather.

Istanbul has seen the worst snowstorms since 2009, bringing approximately 25″ of snow to parts of the city and leaving most to deal with extreme temperatures. Concerned citizens and animal lovers took to the streets to help make sure the city’s vulnerable stray animals were taken care of.

Local business owners allowed strays to find warmth and shelter inside their doors, with one, Selcuk Bayal, saying that animals have been entrusted to humans by God and it is our responsibility to look after them. Though some of the residents do not agree with his generosity, he doesn’t care, and placed a sign in his shop that read, “Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here!”

Bayal says that his shop is a place that anyone in need, human or animal alike, can find shelter and a place to sleep.

Elsewhere, people have been setting down pieces of cardboard inside a local retail area for stray dogs, and strangers cover the animals with blankets to keep them warm. There are also piles of food placed by dogs to make sure they are able to eat during this weather as well.

Our hearts are warmed seeing the heartwarming way these citizens are reaching out to the animals who have no one to call their own.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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