London Dog Owner Selling Everything She Owns To Save Her Dog

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A dog lover in London is opening her door to sell everything she owns in the hope of raising the cash for a life saving operation for her dog Snoopy.

Dolly-Ann Osterloh adores her dog Snoopy, but Snoopy needs a life-saving operation that will cost £37,000 (that’s $48,ooo USD). That’s a lot of money, and so to help raise the cash, she is opening up her home for 24 hours this Friday.

If you visit her Paddington home, you can literally buy anything she has. You can buy her furniture, you can buy her clothes, you can even buy the food from her kitchen cupboards if you like! Basically, everything has a price and everything is for sale. If you can’t make the open day then you can also view her belongings via a livestream and make an online payment.

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Hopefully she will raise enough money to take Snoopy to Paris for the heart surgery he so desperately needs. Dolly-Ann got Snoopy from a rescue shelter in the US nine years ago. He’s a little yorkie-chi and he’s certainly adored. He was found in a bin, he’d been dumped there shortly after Christmas. Luckily he was found and ended up with a loving owner.

He’s also somewhat of a celebrity, having been photographed alongside Stephen Hawking, Brian May, and Richard Dawkins.

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Snoopy’s illness is called mitral valve disease. He was suffering from breathing problems and tests showed he had this typically incurable illness. However, Dolly-Ann has found a new treatment being offered in Paris that could potentially save Snoopy’s life. The treatment is expensive, but Dolly-Ann has managed to raise most of it. She just needs to get together another £9000 ($11,000) that she’s hoping will happen on Friday when she sells all her possessions. Her love for Snoopy far outweighs the love she has for anything she owns, that’s for sure!

Snoopy also has a GoFundMe page where you can donate towards his operation.

[Source: The Guardian]

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