Los Angeles Man Can’t Help Himself From Adopting All The Animals

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
What makes a hot guy hotter? Why, puppies of course! A Los Angeles man can’t help himself from adopting rescue animals and has a fabulous brood of furbabies!

Los Angeles native Lee Asher just can’t help himself.

He’s addicted to rescuing animals, and we love him for it! He says he always knew he’d have a house full of rescues, and has already rescued 16 pets, with nine currently living with him now.

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He said that he spent lots of time volunteering and learning about the whole rescue process as a child. When he went to college, he started fostering dogs and helped them find their forever families. Then, he started adopting them himself, saying that he loves dogs and knows that rescuing dogs means saving a life and freeing up space for other rescues to find their families. He calls it a win-win.

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Judging by his adorable social media accounts, it is a win-win, as his pets look marvelously happy. He currently has seven dogs and two cats, a couple of which he calls ‘foster fails,’ that he ended up adopting. Often he’ll jokingly (we think!) post social media posts that ask his followers to prevent him from adopting another pet–though it doesn’t always work.

He’s okay with that, though, as he says he is grateful to have his house full of so much love (and fur!).

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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