Michael Vick Spotted Taking Dog Training Classes

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Is this a case of too little, too late? Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and infamous dog fighter Michael Vick was spotted at a PetSmart, attending dog training classes.

michael-vick-dog-training-classes-1According to sources, Vick, his family, a bodyguard and their new Belgian Malinois named Angel, attended the classes at a local New Jersey PetSmart. Several tweets went out, stating that Vick visits the store on a regular basis. He signed up for six training classes on Monday evenings, and this was the second week.

Vick set off a flurry of speculation last October when he tweeted a picture that included a box of Milk Bone treats on the table. We know that it’s worrisome that Vick can own another dog after his arrest for dog fighting, but do you think that dog training classes are a step in the right direction? Should we forgive, forget and move on or should Vick be banned for life from ever owning another dog? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Source: Crossing Broad)