Millennial Homebuyers Choose Homes With Their Pet in Mind

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Millennials officially make up the majority of the 70 million pet owners in the United States. And, according to many statistics and researchers, it seems to be a great thing for our four-legged companions. Not only that millennials think of their pets as family members, they often pick their fur babies over human ones. Of course, seeing their pets as children leads to millennials making decisions with their furry bestie’s wellbeing in mind above all else. Millennials choose who they date, where they travel and more all according to the pet-friendliness factor, and now there’s a new category to add to the already long list. According to the research conducted by, a whopping 79 percent of pet-owning millennial homebuyers would pass up on their dream home, if it didn’t happen to meet their pet needs as well.

When it comes to all pet parents, not just those of a certain demographic group, keeping their pets happy is always a priority. However, millennials take it a step further, putting their pet’s needs first, and it has a significant influence on the market. For some time now, landlords have been realizing how important pets are to their tenants, so adding dog-friendly amenities such as grooming salons and rooftops adapted to runs to their buildings became a smart investment. As they’ve progressed to the homebuying market, millennials now look for similar pet perks in their potential new home.

Numbers indicate that about 89 percent of millennials who have bought a home recently has a pet. Even those who didn’t have a cat or a dog wanted the real estate they were offered to be pet-friendly, as they plan on getting a furry companion when they move from a condo to a house. So what exactly are those perks that millennials want their new house to have? The top priority seems to be the outdoor space, as the majority of homebuyers wanted a spacious fenced yard or a dog-friendly park within a walking distance of the home. Additionally, having pet-friendly restaurants and shops was another bonus. Of course, for those with a bigger budget, it doesn’t stop there: mudrooms and dedicated bathrooms with dog showers for their furballs are just a few of the items on their must-have list.

How about you? Did having a pet make any difference when it came to choosing a home? Do you make compromises for your fur baby? Share your experiences in the comment section below!