Study Reveals Millennials Have a Special Relationship with Their Pets

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Do you think your animal companion is your fur baby or the family pet? According to a new study by Trupanion Inc., a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, if you were born from mid-eighties to the late nineties, chances are you consider yourself a pet parent rather than an owner.

The relationship we all have with our pets, regardless of the owner’s age, is constantly shifting. Just a few decades ago, it was extremely rare to see a pooch lounging in a living room, now it’s hard not to! In order to analyze the relationship of people and their four-legged family members, the company conducted a survey of 1,250 pet owners across the U.S. and Canada. Although their findings have confirmed some popular opinions, they have also discovered more than a few surprising tidbits.

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The unusual findings don’t end there. Approximately 40% of millennials that were part of the study have changed their homes in order to live in an environment that is more pet-friendly, and one-third of the surveyed chooses only restaurants that will allow them to bring their pets with them.

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The way we talk about our pets has drastically changed as well. Instead of referring to their pets, well, as pets, millennials tend to say fur babies–at a whopping 43% of the surveyed. But, it’s not only a term of endearment. The researchers found that 57% of people who referred to their animal companions fur babies were more likely to let their cat or dog on the sofa.

It seems that now, more than ever, pets are defining our lives. We choose our homes, where we go out and who we go out with, all based on our relationship with our cats or dogs. It might sound a little over the top, but if I’m being honest, all I can think to say is- it was about time!

And, yes, I’m a millennial–guilty as charged. But, hey, at least my fur babies are living large!