New Dog Remote Gives Your Pooch Control of the TV

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
What else is your dog going to do all day while you’re away at work? Channel surfing has never been easier for your dog!

How often have you fought over the television remote with your family? There always seems to be an important sports game on at the same time as a new episode of your favorite show. This can be a huge source of family tension. However, there may be a new rival for the remote in your living room: your dog! It’s no secret that many American dogs love curling up with their owners to watch television together. Cuddle time is great, but isn’t it about time we gave our dogs a say in what they watch?

Inventors at Wagg Pet Food Company – working with experts in animal computer interaction design at the University of Central Lancashire – have invented a dog-friendly jumbo remote toy that really works to change the channel on your TV. It is made out of a tough rubbery material to withstand even the most avid chewer. The remote can be played with like a normal dog toy, while also providing your dog with a state-of-the-art remote control experience. It’s large yellow buttons make channel surfing easy for your dog, as they are bright and sensitive to pressure from paws. Interestingly, the remount encourages playtime by creating a low-frequency noise from each button that sounds great to dogs.

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This invention seems like an amazing idea for those who are worried their pets will feel bored and lonely without them. It can be very tough to leave your dog in the morning, knowing they will be on their own until your return. Many owners already leave the TV on for their dogs, but now your pets will have access to all their favorite TV stations. With a brand-new toy, there will never be another dull moment. Though we haven’t seen a “Bark to the Future” sequel for dogs, TV shows provide your pet with sound and moving images to keep them stimulated.

What kind of TV shows will Fido watch? Believe it or not, there are already television stations dedicated to doggy entertainment. DOGTV, a subscription content provider, has a 24-hour programming featuring parks, green landscapes, and dogs having fun. Videos on YouTube dedicated to dog relaxation rack up millions of views, so there is clearly an emerging market for creative dog programming. Make sure they don’t watch anything too rowdy on the discovery channel! Maybe we’ll see shows in color schemes adapted for dog vision next or an all retriever cast of the “Golden Girls.” There wouldn’t be a better market for “Smell-O-Vision” than your pup, who would probably prefer the sight and smell of a steak over Jeopardy reruns.

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Though TV time is fun in moderation for both you and your dog, don’t let the tube be the only thing occupying your pet this summer. When you’re out of the house, puzzle toys can be a great way to keep your best friend occupied. Putting a few treats in a Tupperware container with a few holes will create a toy that will entertain your dog for a good while. Dogs usually nap during the day, so playing soothing classical music is another way to make sure your dog doesn’t miss you too much while you are busy at work. Otherwise, make sure your dog has lots of interactive playtime with you and goes on walks for a daily dose of healthy exercise.

Though the product is still in trials, you can watch the promotional video here:

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Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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