Oh Mama! This Dog Sure is Vocal in the Bath [Video]

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I have two dogs and they are as different as night and day. One is golden; the other black. One will eat whatever she can; the other thinks she is the Queen of England and insists on porcelain dishes. One hates baths and thinks we are torturing her; the other sits dutifully and even enjoys it a little as her eyes roll with gentle massage and warm water pressure.

Which is why I love this video of a beautiful dog getting a lovely scrub in the tub.

The dog seems so happy with what seems to be a grooming session that its vocally sharing joy…sounding like its saying, “Oh, Mama!” as the scrubbing ensues.

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The clip is short, but you can easily tell the doggo is loving bath time and voicing opinion on the subject, and why wouldn’t it? It’s nice to be pampered, and even nicer when the appreciation shows!