Ohio Burger King Lets Dying Dog Have It His Way In His Last Days

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Burger King in Ohio is offering a terminally ill dog the opportunity to have his favorite food ‘his way,’so that he can be happy in his last days on earth.

It’s never easy when we know our pets are terminally ill. All we want to do is make their last days on earth they happiest they can be.

A Burger King in Ohio is helping a family do just that for their ten-year-old boxer-lab mix Cody, as they’ve offered to give Cody free cheeseburgers fort he rest of his days. Cody loves Burger King’s cheeseburgers, and when he was diagnosed with cancer two months ago, his family began buying them for him regularly.

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Alex Karcher is Cody’s dad, and was told that Cody had about one to three months to live from cancer. Karcher said that his family was devastated, of course, and went on a mission to make Cody’s last days the best they could be. Every day, since his diagnosis, they’ve bought him a plain cheeseburger to go with his medications.

When Karcher went in last week to the East Alexis Toledo, Ohio Burger King they’d been frequenting, a store employee asked about the burger. When Karcher told her it was for his dying dog Cody, the employee asked him to wait a minute so she could talk to her manager.

Thanks to @BurgerKing for showing so much love and kindness towards my family and our dog, Cody. It’s appreciated more than words can describe. pic.twitter.com/KsKnfXtv0S

— Karch (@AKarchh) July 16, 2018

Moments later, she told Karcher that they’d be honored to let Cody eat for free at their Burger King, and Karcher said in a social media post that he was grateful beyond words for the kind gesture.

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The post went viral, as others have praised the kindness and generosity of the Burger King, and wished Cody the best in his last days with his family.

the world needs more kindness and empathy. thank you for giving us the chance to do this for Cody.

— Burger King (@BurgerKing) July 16, 2018

Burger King responded to Karcher’s social media post, saying that the world could use more kindness and empathy, and thanking Karcher for giving them the opportunity to do this for sweet Cody.

Looks like this King of Burgers knows how to do it right.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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