Pet Taxis Are Big Business in South Korea

Pet ownership has grown rapidly in South Korea and with it, a new type of business is flourishing. The pet taxi!

The idea started in Seoul, but is fast spreading to other cities and even to rural parts of South Korea. A ride in a pet taxi will cost you up to four times the price of a standard taxi ride, but pet owners reckon it’s well worth it.

When you travel in a pet-only taxi, your pet’s needs are all catered for. Previously, pet owners have stated that they have often been made to feel uncomfortable in taxis with their pets. Taxi drivers complain about the smell of dogs, or get annoyed by their barking. This is all perfectly acceptable in a pet taxi so you don’t need to worry!

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There is actually some controversy surrounding these pet taxis, and it turns out complaints are coming from standard taxi companies. They reckon these pet taxis are operating illegally because they don’t have the state-issued taxi licenses that taxi drivers are required to have. The pet taxi drivers say that they don’t need a license because they are not charging for the human passengers, only for the pets!

I think the pet taxi idea is a great one. You can take a cab with your pet without worrying. The driver is used to ferrying dogs around and so yours won’t be a problem, even if he’s being troublesome and making a racket!

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Hopefully the licence issue will be sorted out. Perhaps a special pet taxi license will be brought in, or these drivers will simply have to get their licenses. I wonder if we’ll start to see pet taxis in other countries too? It certainly seems like a great idea for a business!

[Source: South China Morning Post]

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