Petco’s In-Store Kitchens Reveal What Goes In Your Pet’s Meal

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A growing number of people is looking into alternatives to commercial dog food. Recalls and industry controversies are motivating people to turn to manufacturers that offer human-grade food for dogs, made from wholesome and healthy ingredients that fulfill all of their pet’s nutritional needs. One of those companies is the California-based JustFoodForDogs who recently signed a deal with the pet retail giant.

The company, which produces small batches of human-grade dog food, will have its personnel prepare their pawesome signature meals in full exhibition kitchens in select Petco store across the country- over a hundred of them. Pet parents will get a chance to see how their four-legged baby’s food is being made- and even try it themselves if they want to test how yummy it is. (Spoiler alert: if it tastes bland to you, it’s just right for your pooch) The JustFoodForDogs’ chefs will use USDA-grade meats and local produce to whip up ready to go meals for your furry foodie.

The idea behind this innovative move is to make pet nutrition a transparent affair- what you see is what goes in their bowl. You won’t have to stress out over indecipherable labels and wonder if you’re making the right call, as the team behind the California pet food company consists of veterinarians specialized in animal nutrition which formulated the healthy dog meals. You’ll have to dole out a bit more mola for this type of doggie food, though. A 7-ounce serving of JustFoodForDogs’ meal costs $3.95, while a 72-ounce supply costs $24.95. Compared to the most commercial kibble brands, the price difference is not insignificant, but, hey- everything to keep our furbabies pampered, right?