Picture Perfect: Check Out These Dog Photographers’ Award-Winning Pictures

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The 2019 Kennel Club Overall Dog Photographer Of The Year winner was taken by Swiss photographer Denise Czichocki, and featured a beautiful 14-year-old rescue dog named Merlin.

The Kennel Club says that dogs are more popular than ever, and as they make such a true difference in our lives, these photographs are so special.

“Dreaming Merlin” was the overall winner and first-place winner in the Oldies Category.

Czichoki says that the beautiful 14-year-old gave her many beautiful moments, even though it was hard to take photos as he was absolutely deaf. She calls him a wonderful dog with so much charisma.

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Another gorgeous golden-oldie was Bailee, a lovable Labrador Retriever. Taken by UK photographer Cat Race, the picture shows Bailee raring to go despite her frostiness and age.

“Soul Comforter” was taken by German photographer Angelika Elendt, and won first place in The Assistance Dogs category. This win was accompanied by a £500 donation to charity. Elendt chose Die Seelentröster — Tiere helfen Menschen, which translates to The Soul Comforters — Animals Help People. The winning picture was taken of Lilly, who was assisting an older woman who was suffering from depression and dementia. Elendt says that Lilly got through to the woman when others were not able to, and this picture shows the special bond between humans and dogs.

The winner of the Rescue Dogs Category also got to donate to the charity of their choice. Prize winner Anne Geier donated her prize to the Austrian Dog Rescue, Strenerhoffnung. Roughly, that translates to “Stra Hope.” It’s a picture of Geier’s dog Finn when they were on holiday in the Dolomites. Finn was rescued from Rumania in 2014, and Geier says he fills their lives with so much love.

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When it came to adorable puppies, this shot of twins Macy and Vino took first place in the Puppies category. The puppies had to be under six months. Photographer Monica van der Maden said that she and the breeder had so much fun together with the puppies. Sometimes it’s hard to photograph puppies together, but when they were put together, the two puppies began to wash each other and took first place in the Puppy category.

The second-place Puppy category winner has a hauntingly beautiful behind it. Photographer Carlos Aliperti said this was a touching moment between puppy Toddy and his father. Sadly, on October 22, 2018, Toddy was a victim of poisoning, and passed away. Aliperti says the win is a well-deserved tribute to Toddy, his dear companion he still misses terribly.


Monica van der Maden had another first-place winner in the Dogs at Play category. The photograph “Dirty Dog” is one of a series she aptly named ‘Dirty Dogs.’ She says she wanted a dog who loved to play in the mud and who would make people smile when they saw the picture. Mission accomplished!

The First place winner in the Dogs at Work category came from Dorine Scherpel. Scherpel is from Canada and called this picture, “The Loyal Co-Workers.” Scherpel said she was walking down a narrow country lane one morning, and Laddie, the dog (on the right), went to her barking happily. Scherpel has had dogs all her life and says this image is exactly what you’d expect a country dog’s life to be like; eager to go happily wherever needed.

For photographers 11-years-old and younger, there is a Young Pup Photographer category. The first-place winner was titled “Sea Dog,” and it was taken by 11-year-old Sabine Wolpert from the United States. Wolpert said that this picture of her dog Georgie was taken when Georgie was 2-years-old and Wolpert was 9-years-old. She took it at a beach near her house and when Georgie brought her a clump of seaweed, she put it on her head. Georgie seemed to like it, so she snapped the winning picture.

Congratulations to all the winners!