Pixar’s KitBull Showcases Dog Fighting Awareness and Unlikely Friend

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Who says animated films don’t make you cry? Not Pixar, that’s for sure, as they’ve released a new film about an abused dog and his unlikely stray kitten friend as part of their new SparkShorts program and we warn you now: get the tissues.

No, really. Get the tissues, and honestly, think twice before letting children watch Pixar’s new tearjerker short film Kitbull. I will be letting my son, but he’s eight and we talk about animal welfare often.

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It starts off bright and cheery with a feisty little stray kitten making its way through the world. All is (mostly) well until a sweet and playful pit bull becomes the kitten’s neighbor.

Sadly, the ‘owners’ of the pittie have horribly evil plans, and the film takes the viewer through the very heavy concept of dog fighting, with our sweet hero as the traumatized bait dog.

I won’t lie; I watched and got a very sick feeling in my stomach because I knew where the video was headed, and knew that this is sadly the reality for many dogs on a regular basis.

But it’s important to watch, and to share, because it sends a very powerful message about animal treatment and how an unlikely friendship can be life-saving.

Kitbull’s director, Rosana Sullivan said that the kitten and pit experience true friendship for the first time, and if you’re like me and have to know the ending before you watch here’s a spoiler: You’ll smile at the end.

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When you do, consider sharing to bring light to the plight of so many abused and tortured dogs, not to mention so many stray kitties looking for just a little bit of human kindness in exchange for a lifetime of loyalty and love.

Then go hug your own pets like I’ve been doing for the last hour.

And tell us you didn’t cry.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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