Playful Pup Stabs Owner During Game of Keep-Away

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Never bring a dog to a knife fight! A lovable puppy who thought she’d found herself a new toy accidentally stabbed her owner, and left local law enforcement wondering what happened.

“The dog ate my homework!” is often thought to be a far-fetched excuse, right? But what about, “The dog stabbed my arm?”

Celinda Haynes, a Hudson, Colorado woman found herself calling that exact complaint in to her local 911 recently when her almost two-year-old lovable pup Mia accidentally stabbed her in the arm.

Yes, accidentally stabbed her.

If you’re like us, you may wonder how that happens?!

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Turns out that her playful girl Mia likes to get things and then to play keep-away from her mama. Mia is tall enough to reach the counters of her kitchen and found herself a new toy–a sharp knife that she picked up in her mouth and held with the blade down and out.

Recognizing the danger for Mia, Haynes tried to bribe her with a treat to get her to drop the knife altogether–and Mia alllllmost fell for it. She did indeed want the treat, but, ever the retriever, didn’t want to drop the knife, so it dragged as she went for the treat…leaving Haynes with a four-inch gash across her arm and law enforcement being very suspicious about just how it happened.

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The copious amounts of blood and hard-to-believe story led officials to suspect Haynes was a victim of domestic abuse, though Haynes’s husband was not even home at the time of the stabbing. When officials went to the ‘crime scene,’ and investigated, they found Mia unwilling to discuss the incident, and eventually had to conclude that the playful Mia really did mean no harm. She was happy to pose for several goofy mug shots, though!

And while Mia got off with a warning this time, they’ve officially listed the case as a, ‘suspicious case,’ with good cause–Haynes did admit to the investigators that Mia would easily, “Lick someone to death.”

Mia, we’re watching you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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