Prom Pooch and Her Date Take the Crown as Best Dressed Couple

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Brenda Sierra is an 18-year-old high school senior who loves her dog. Sasha, her seven-year-old rescue Dachshund, goes pretty much wherever dogs are allowed to go. It only made sense that when it was time for the prom, Brenda made sure that Sasha was all dolled up as well, and the gorgeous pair arrived at prom in matching dresses! She posted pictures and the Internet has exploded with love for the perfectly coutured pair!

Brenda’s stunning dress had leftover material to fit Sasha appropriately — of course, the only thing to do with that material was to don her Dachshund for the big night as well. With the help of a glue gun, Brenda created the custom ball gown for Sasha and they glammed up for the most adorable pictures.

Adorable rescue Daschund got a matching dress for her mama's prom

A stylish pooch matched her mama and prom date in Florida

Brenda said that Sasha wasn’t even the least bit diva-ish as she kept taking the dress on and off for fittings, and when it was done and on, she pranced around like the true Prom Pup Princess she obviously is. The pictures of Brenda and her date(s) are the cutest ever — who wouldn’t fawn over that precious pooch?
[Source: BoredPanda]