Pup-tastrophe Averted By Boyfriend’s Dog-Chewed Heels Creation

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Craftsman and Cosplay designer Alan Padzinski came home from work one day to find his girlfriend absolutely distraught. Their cute puppy, Caliph, had just snacked on an extremely expensive pair of high heels.

Shoe catastrophe

Jumping into action, Padzinski knew he had the tools to fix the $500 pair of gray Kurt Geiger stilettos that rested in a matte leather grave.

the damaged shoe

Using his superior metal working talent, Padzinski won the best boyfriend ever award by designing a custom pair of armoured (puppy proof) heels for his girlfriend. He took out his hammer and used stainless steel curved plates to build up the design.

metal heeled shoe

Next, he added highly detailed brass embellishments to glitz up the heel and add a personal touch.

YQ7i5qnrThe final result was a pair of sweet kicks that would look totally at home on a Game of Thrones queen! Seriously though, where can we order a pair?

metal heeled shoeAlan builds swords and armour, though “cobbler” may soon be added to that list. Giving the shoes a final flair, he added spikes to give them a really “practical” feel. “Sensible heels” was always an oxymoron anyways, if you’re going for fashion, go all the way!

metalic shoe


These bad boys can now resist a munch from even the hungriest pup. How could you be upset with a dog that inspired art like this? It’s impossible! What an amazing shoe transformation. Louboutin who?

chewed shoe to metal glam

[Source: Mashable]