Pups Will Dig the Underground DogDen 60 Dog House

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Does your dog like to dig holes in the yard to hang out in? You only have to dig one – for Miller Pet Products’ DogDen 60, an environmentally friendly outdoor dog den.

Ever wonder why you’ll go outside and find your dog has dug a nice sized-hole, just big enough for him to lounge comfortably in (and usually, he’s there grinning up at you, so proudly!)? It’s because he’s reverting to his centuries old instincts to keep his body temperature regulated.

Dogs instinctively know that the ground temperature is more consistent approximately one to two inches below ground level. In fact, it could be 95 degrees outside, but the ground about an inch under the soil is probably closer to 50 or 60 degrees. The same can be said for freezing temperatures–again, the ground soil is tolerable (in fact, maybe preferable!) for the dog, regardless of outside air temperature, and the dog is comfy and cozy in his den.

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That’s the concept Tony Miller, founder of Miller Pet Products, worked from when he designed the DogDen 60. His dog, Zeke, always dug a den for its consistent ground temperature, and Miller knew that other dogs might like a way to do that as well–without making their humans angry for digging countless holes!

Miller simplified the den concept, knowing dogs love to ‘den’ but owners worry about temperatures that react to heat and cold to similar products on the market. Because the DogDen 60 series utilizes the ground beneath it for its temperature control, there is no need for extra insulation or components like heaters or air conditioners that also require electricity and could pose safety issues for dogs.

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Instead, the DogDen 60 lets the ground around it do all the work. The instructions for implementation are easy to follow, so no DIY experience is necessary.

It’s all made in the USA out of High Density Polyethylene (the same durable material you see in truck liner) as many other dog dens are. The difference with this one is that most dog dens on the market offer either cooling or heating, but not both, and if it does, it comes at a much higher price – that’s why the DogDen 60 will impress with its $199 price tag.

Currently, the DogDen 60 is rated for dogs up to 60 pounds, but don’t fret, big-dog parents! The company is in the works to bring the DogDen 120 to the market, so watch out for that as well!

If you’re interested in burying one of these in your backyard, head over to Miller Pet Products.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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