Raise A Pint To These Top Irish Dog Names

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irish-dog-names-1The U.S. has that Irish feeling , and that’s why the Celtic country has inspired a host of lyrical names on our side of the pond. And we’re not talking about baby names – pet parents across the nation are bringing a little of the “luck ‘o’ the Irish” into their family by dubbing their dogs with these bonnie monikers.

As you can see in the infographic from Rover.com, these Irish dog names are inspired by something that’s associated with Ireland (Lucky, Clover, and Charm); male names (Logan, Owen, and Patrick); names for the lassies (Fiona, Riley, and Reagan); and great grub and beverages (Bailey, Guinness, and Stew). It also shows by state and city where you’ll find the most Irish breeds and the most Irish-named pooches.

We have to say that these Irish dog names put us in a festive mood. In fact, we’re off to don some green appeal and strap on that silly “Kiss me, I’m Irish” hat. What Irish dog names would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below.