Rescue Coffee Co. Perks Up Pups by Supporting Area Animal Shelters

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Something good is brewing for rescue pups! Rescue Coffee Co. from Nova Scotia brews up coffee for humans and donates a portion of sales to animal shelters.

When we think of purchasing our morning coffee we think along the lines of mild, medium and full-bodied but for the Rescue Coffee Co. in Nova Scotia, these same brews go by slightly different names such as Wake & Wag, Black Dog Espresso, Go Fetch, and for their very darkest roast, the Bark & Bite – which sure sends a message!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this coffee retailer loves more than a good Espresso Macchiato; they love animals and are so committed to their well-being that they donate 10% of their sales proceeds to rescue organizations in their province.

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What this means for shelters such as Save our Scruff, The Greater Moncton SPCA and the Nova Scotia SPCA is that animals in their care continue to receive the food, shelter and medical support they need until a forever home is found.

But Rescue Coffee Co. isn’t your typical coffee retailer who imports beans from around the world at the lowest possible price. Their fair-trade brews tell a story, such as the Go Fetch premium blend that is harvested by more than 1,000 farmers who are part of a coop that ensures they receive fair wages which in turn helps both their families and their community develop and thrive. But it doesn’t end there; once the beans arrive in Canada, they are then expertly roasted by a small, family run business in Nova Scotia.

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Now wouldn’t it be great, if every time you sipped your morning Joe, you knew that you had helped feed shelter animals, supported local business and improved the lives of farmers half a world away?

Well you don’t have to travel to the Canadian Maritimes to do your part while getting your java fix. Rescue Coffee Co. has an online store and has product available at a number of retail locations.

You can! For just $20, you can purchase a 1 pound bag of the blend of your choice in whole bean or ground. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can still lend your support and feel good about your morning cuppa (think tea) with a “Sip a Cup. Save a Pup” Rescue Coffee Co. logo’d mug or by donning one of their tanks or tees!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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