Could This Be The Safest Pet Carrier Ever?

Gunner Kennels G1 Small receives the first ever dual certification for pet travel products from the Center for Pet Safety.

We know that child seats and the like go under rigorous crash testing, but it’s nice to know that similar tests are being performed for our pet carriers, too.

The Center for Pet Safety do a great deal of research and testing of pet products to ensure they are safe and pet car carriers are top on the list of priorities when it comes to safety. We buy these products to keep our pets safe when we’re out and about, so we need to know we’re buying a carrier that will help and not hinder our beloved animals should we be involved in a car accident.

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It would seem that splashing out on a Gunner Kennels G1 Small (with strength rated anchor straps) could be a wise investment as it has just been awarded Dual Certification from the Center for Pet Safety. No other pet travel product has ever received this dual award.

But what does that mean? Well it’s pretty impressive actually. It means that the product has earned a five star rating under crash test condition in both the crate and carrier classes. The crash testing is rigorous, it’s sponsored by Subaru of America and so the results are reliable.

This great result will undoubtedly be good for business for Gunner Kennels, and perhaps it will encourage other manufacturers to participate in the testing program to ensure their own products are totally safe for both pets and their owners.

Emily Hutchinson
Emily Hutchinson

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