Say “Cheers” to Pet Gift Boxes… Care of Famous TV Mailman, Cliff

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
You may think of him as postal worker Cliff Clavin, or a recognizable voice in every Pixar movie made. But actor John Ratzenberger is also a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist and his latest business venture is the pet-friendliest!

Specialty Gift Boxes are the rage. People anxiously await the mail that embraces just about any lifestyle and or interest out there these days. These gift boxes are neat one-time gifts that carry specialty products or fabulous ways to regularly treat oneself (or gift recipient) to a myriad of products.

Actor John Ratzenberger, famously known as mailman Cliff Clavin from the TV sitcom “Cheers” and the voice of at least one character in every Pixar movie made, is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. You may not know this, but he’s the brain behind those little accordion-like shreds of paper you often find in gift packages (Note: This would be one of those random facts Cliff would spout off the top of his head!). He’s teamed up with another entrepreneur, David Polinsky, to launch, a site dedicated to allowing you to find whatever niche gift box you may be looking for.

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As there are so many out there from which to choose, Ratzenberger created to be a gathering place–where customers can find multiple categories of specialty gift boxes to send once, or from which to subscribe to for themselves or others. TheGiftBox.Com allows one to purchase without any long-term commitments and to pause or cancel subscriptions at any time.

In 2014, Ratzenberger launched Made In America boxes, which were specialty boxes created from things solely made in America. is a natural progression of that venture, he says, and he’s talked to several small business owners to create the platform of multiple specialty boxes.

The first phase of this debut focuses on pets! Ratzenberger said that he wanted to focus on the most popular holiday gift categories, and that was candy and pets. Knowing that most pet owners give gifts to their pets or the pets of their friends, he knows there is a big audience waiting for pet specialty boxes, and he looks to fill that search.

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To do so, has purchased, and includes it, along with Pet Gift Box as part of their launch. Now customers can find unique, fun and affordable gift boxes designed with their pets in mind, and will even have the opportunity to decide upon a charity to which a portion of their sale goes. includes philanthropy as a pillar of its mission, and purchases of the Pet Gift Box additionally help feed ten rescue pets with every purchase. will continue to add additional categories to their offerings based on online voting polls, including limited edition boxes from pet celebrities, among others. Looks like our old buddy Cliff just can’t get away from his true calling!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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