Say “Selfie!” Get In Front Of The Pooch Selfie Smartphone Attachme

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Thanks to this Kickstarter campaign, taking a selfie with your BFF has never been easier! No dog can resist the Pooch Selfie – a hypnotizing tennis ball that attaches to your cell phone.

Okay, file this one under “why didn’t I think of this!” It’s such a simple concept that anyone with a pooch just knows will be a sure fire way to get Rover’s attention.

Imagine you’re out at the leash free park with your little guy. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you think to yourself “what a picture perfect moment”. Out comes the camera and… off goes your pooch in search of a stick, a squirrel, a leaf. You know what I’m talking about. For love or money, you can’t get him to settle down long enough to capture the moment.

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Well, a simple solution has been found in the form of the Pooch Selfie. It’s a smartphone attachment that clicks on to your phone or iPad and holds that Holy Grail to all dogs – a tennis ball. Yes, a tennis ball is secured on top of the attachment and when you ask Rover to sit pretty and smile for the camera, you can believe that his fixated gaze in “your” direction is going to result in the photos of your dreams. Want a selfie? Same idea, just flip to the camera’s front facing option and you’re just an arm’s length away from capturing you and your fully engaged pooch during a special moment.

Dare I say, the photos will be absolutely “fetching”? Sorry, but you had to know that was coming.

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What’s really cool is that the lightweight tennis ball is fully detachable and has a squeaky feature which means you can give it a few tosses for Rover if he seems to be losing interest in a ball that never seems to get thrown.

How do you get your paws on one of them? Well, the little gadget has gone through design, development and prototyping with Kickstarter funding now in place to cover the costs to get them into mass production. For just $13 you can be the first kid at your dog park to own a Pooch Selfie, complete with squeaky ball. $35 will get you a Pooch Selfie and logo’d t-shirt, and $45 will get you and your partner each a Pooch Selfie and t-shirts.

You know you want one, so get behind the project on the Pooch Selfie Kickstarter Page!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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