Stray Dog Caught Shoplifting Clothes In a Hilarious Security Cam Video

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In a shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey, security cameras have caught a cheeky shoplifter stealing garments on multiple occasions. It wouldn’t be anything unusual if the brazen thief wasn’t a stray dog. Yup, good boys can slip up, too. Take a look at it yourself:

In a video that’s going viral in the Middle Eastern country, you can see a cute pooch entering a clothing goods store, just to have look around. It doesn’t take long before he goes straight for the pile of sweaters . The security guard tried to stop him from picking up one for himself, but to no avail. Our boy simply had to have that pink pullover! The guard didn’t miss a chance to get playful with the pooch before running him out of the store, though.

To make things better, it’s not only one store he tried to “rob”. In the next one, he approaches the item he likes and sneakily grabs it in his mouth and makes a sly, slow run for it. The fashion-loving doggo actually managed to take his stolen knitwear out of the store this time! I mean, it’s as adorable as it is hilarious. His “crimes” don’t end there, though, as e was also caught snatching a woolen scarf from a restaurant chair while he thought no one was looking. Who knows how many stylish items this cute stray has stashed away somewhere? His loot must be impressive.

And if you thought that his pilfering activities had put him in a bad situation with the employees at the mall, don’t be alarmed.

The open-air shopping center is also a home to 30 stray dogs. The people working at the mall, as well as people visiting it, care for the homeless pooches the best they can. The general manager of the mall said that they’re far from angry with the four-legged thief and that the events only made them smile. It seems that this sticky paw pooch steals hearts as well, and not only clothes! Hopefully, his new-found fame (or is it infamy?) will lead him off the streets and into a home to call his own- filled with all the scarfs and sweaters his furry little heart desires.