Stray Dog Survives Greek Wildfires In Oven; Finds New Forever Home

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The devastating wildfires in Greece have affected all the residents, including animals and pets. But one poor stray dog that was found cowering in an oven has thankfully found a safe forever home.

A four-year-old dog is bringing hope to the citizens of Greece who have been facing deadly and devastating wildfires across the country. The dog, known as “The Oven Dog,” was found cowering in an outside oven of a house that had been decimated by the fire. When Elene Dede found the white poodle mix, he was terrified, and inside the large brick-built oven that still stood by the ashes of the home in Mati to which it had belonged.

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Artemis Kyriakopoulou is the rescue volunteer who found the dog, who was temporarily named Loukoumakis by foster mama Diana Topali. She took a video of the pitiful pup, with matted fur and patches of skin visible. She offered him some food, and though he was apprehensive, he was clearly hungry and happy to eventually accept the food.

Posted by Artemis Kyriakopoulou on Thursday, July 26, 2018

Elena Dede is the founder and President of Dogs’ Voice, the rescue group that took responsibility for the clearly traumatized dog. She said that when Loukoumakis originally came to the rescue, he was a bit aggressive and protective because he was afraid. She believes that he was severely abused even before the fires, based on the way he protected himself and the three layers of dead fur they found on him–clearly there longer than just a week from the fire.

But some TLC and grooming helped him trust the group’s volunteers and his foster mama, and now, he’s been adopted by Antonia Paraschou, who is very familiar with taking care of traumatized stray animals. Dede said that they know he’s endured horrors they can only imagine and that he survived was a testament to his resilience. They wanted to make sure that he is never in a bad situation again, and with Antonia, he’ll live a much different, happier life.

The fires have already killed at least 91 people, and Dede believes hundreds of pets and strays were lost as the fire ravaged the town on the sea. She said that in the last week alone, 180 other dogs have been brought in for rescue.

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The Greek wildfires, which are believed to have killed at least 91 people, have proved disastrous for its non-humans as well – it is thought to have killed hundreds of pets and strays as it swept through the seaside town.

Dede said more than 180 other dogs in need were brought to her in the last week.

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